We are so fortunate to be living here in BC, with outstanding government and health sector leadership.  But also because you, our friends and neighbours, are being considerate and careful about social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks – all so important and effective in keeping us safe.  Thank you all.

At the Victoria Health Co-op, we were faced with what looked like an impossible challenge: providing wellness and health services without touch.  Fortunately, the members and friends of the VHC are creative and we are making good progress.  Our “No Touch” Wellbeing Sessions started as virtual, monthly Sunday afternoon events using Zoom video-conferencing.  Because having a small group of presenters allows everyone to participate fully, we have now added Tuesday evening sessions.  Many thanks to Pete, Jennifer, Astrid, Cindy, Gregg and all the others who have made delightful, encouraging, 3-minute presentations – brief enough to suit even my short attention span!  Sharing wellness and “wellbeing” ideas is helpful and enjoyable.  We have shared, heard about, and practiced ways of being physically and emotionally comfortable.  We have thoroughly enjoyed spending time together and have learned about the very helpful skills of some of our members.  To participate in our upcoming sessions, watch for our email notices, check the website, our Facebook page, or email or call us for details.  If you do not receive our emails, please contact us to get on the list.

In addition to hosting wellness events, we are planning new work focusing on seniors, access to services, nutrition, inter-generational relationships and the ongoing challenge of staying healthy even when we feel isolated.  For all of these we have to prepare funding applications – a task currently shared among six members of the Victoria Health Co-op and the Creating Community Wellness Society.  Thanks to all for undertaking this on top of their regular jobs, on-going courses and family responsibilities or despite being seniors with the ongoing social distancing advice. You are all very dedicated people!

The purpose of all this work is to continue to adapt to the new reality.  How can we best serve our member-owners and community despite the ongoing restrictions?  How can our senior members most effectively continue to volunteer, despite ongoing contact and health restrictions.  If you have a suggestion, please contact us.  Join our upcoming “No Touch” Wellbeing Sessions to participate in this discussion, and much more.

Now, think back a few months.  We held our Annual General Meeting in late January and agreed that we should remind our member-owners that we really do need the annual fee ($25 or whatever is possible) from everyone.  Of course, we are also happy to receive donations to the Creating Community Wellness Society and can provide a charitable donation receipt for any amount of $20 or more.  VHC fees and donations to the CCWS can be made through the VHC website, or c/o Unit 1, 380 Cook St., V8V 3X7 and are very much appreciated.

We have another request as a result of a brief chat with the Canadian Blood Services – they are urgently looking for blood donors. It is a quick, easy process with very thorough attention to your wellbeing.  If you haven’t donated blood in a while, they would love to hear from you – call 1.888.236.6283.  I believe they are currently giving away masks in addition to snacks!


Tuesdays @ 7 – 8pm – July 7, August 4 and September 8.

Sundays 1 – 2pm –   July 12, August 9 and September 13.

Join us just to enjoy the presentations and discussion, or to make your own 3 minute contribution to ANY aspect of wellbeing that is meaningful to you. Save the date to listen in, or email us to reserve your spot as a presenter.

Questions? Ideas about how we can best serve our members and community? Email me at vichealthcoop@gmail.com, phone 250-415-9272 or visit   https://victoriahealthcooperative.com/


Vanessa Hammond, VHC Chair

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