About the Co-op

Also known as the Victoria Health Co-op (VHC or VCHC)

Co-op Structure

The Victoria Community Health Co-operative is a general membership co-op. Any legal person (any entity that can sign a contract, whether a human person, a business, etc) can apply for membership, subject only to the approval of the Board. We have no geographical limits and we are members of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

Our members (around 300 currently active) govern the Co-op by electing a Board of up to 9 members whom they elect at each Annual General Meeting. Any member can stand as a candidate for the Board. Directorships run for 3 years and the terms are staggered to provide a balance of continuity and fresh eyes.

Why a Co-operative?

When we first developed our vision of a community of well-being we recognized the equality of all participants, and the need for all to both benefit from and contribute to the well-being of all. We recognized that being guided by the Definition, Values and Principles set out by the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) would help us to achieve our objectives.


Based on the co-op values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity we recognize the ability and responsibility of all to work for the well-being of all.


Co-ops, when properly structured and operating according to the co-op definition, values and principles, are twice as durable as any other form of incorporation including public companies, partnerships and societies.

Cost effectiveness

As a Co-op, our aim is to cover our costs and achieve a small surplus to re-invest in the provision of services.

Work environment

As a Co-op we aim for a work environment that is supportive and enjoyable for volunteers, and for staff and for practitioners, who work within the Co-op as independent contracts.

Community Control

We believe that communities are best equipped to identify their priorities and that the co-op structure is ideal for providing the services most needed by individuals and groups in each area.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors operates under a governance model.



Joyce Rankin (CHAIR)

Deborah Begoray (SECRETARY)

Kevin Campbell (TREASURER)

Kim Dixon

Mary Gradnitzer

Kerri Keeler

Our priorities are to continue building a strong board, ensuring full awareness and use of the co-op identity, and supporting members and the community in the pursuit and maintenance of health and wellness.

You can contact the board by email: info@victoriahealthcooperative.com

For more information on our current board members please click here