… For members and friends of the Victoria Health Co-op community

We are so very fortunate to live in Canada, in British Columbia, and on this lovely island.  Maybe even more so because we have political leaders who are motivated by caring for us, ordinary British Columbians.  We can also be extraordinarily grateful for the wise, informative, gentle guidance of the leaders of our health and medical sectors, whether locally, provincially or nationally.  We can look further to support provided on the international level, where the level of effort has been amazing.  So, how can we respond?  We can certainly try to follow the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry to be kind, patient, and stay safe.  Can we do more?

The Victoria Health Co-op is offering additional “No-Touch Well-Being” sessions. These are free sessions that combine social interaction and health and wellness information without the risk of spreading germs! One Sunday afternoon and one Tuesday evening each month, Co-op members get together by Zoom to share “no-touch” wellbeing ideas and information.  Each session begins with presenter introductions, then several short presentations on topics related to wellness, with an opportunity for Q&A and discussions. To accommodate participants with varying schedules, the evening sessions will be under 1 hour, while Sunday sessions will run up to 2 hours.

Our first Tuesday offering will be from 7-8pm on Tuesday, June 9th. The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81178404020

The upcoming “No-Touch”Wellbeing Sunday session will be June 28th, 1 – 3pm.  The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81554940922

You can also “cut and paste” the Zoom link from our Facebook page or www.victoriahealthcooperative.ca.  Or just email us and we will send you the link.  The list of presentations for each session will be on our Facebook page, on the homepage of www.victoriahealthcooperative.ca and will be sent to Co-op members by email.

Are you looking for other ways to get involved in community efforts for health and wellness?

We are seeing much activity from the members of the Victoria Health Co-op and the Creating Community Wellness Society.  I am delighted by the dedication and energy of our members.  Do you have new ideas or energy to contribute as well?

Would you help us to make progress on any of the projects listed below? The work is easiest, most productive and most enjoyable when shared among a group of us.

Could you undertake any of these, or have new ideas to share? We are always looking for YOUR opinions.  Bearing in mind the restrictions about physical distance etc., what would YOU like us, both the Victoria Health Co-op and the Creating Community Wellness Society, to be doing?  What services would be most useful to you?  We are still working hard to launch our Nurse Practitioner project – although this is something else that has been interrupted by COVID-19.

Lastly, I would also like to thank our members and the wider community who have phoned to thank us for initiating the No-Touch Wellbeing sessions during this time.  We love hearing from you.

Be safe, be kind, be patient.  Keep in touch.  Enjoy our beautiful environment, and enjoy your time at home, too!

Vanessa Hammond, Chair

Victoria Health Co-op

250 415 9272  vichealthcoop@gmail.com

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