2020 Annual General Meeting Summary

DRAFT Minutes    Annual General Meeting, January 19, 2020   14:00 – 16.00   380 Cook St, Victoria

14.05 Lyn Stewart and Penny Pattison volunteered as Minuters, and Jan Uhlar to record participation.

Graham Smith greeted all present and offered the Territorial Acknowledgment.

Selina Pieczonka stated the purpose of the meeting.

14.10 Kevin Doyle and Abi Michel reported that the Notice of Meeting was distributed on Nov 2nd, well over the required 60 days notice, and was repeated through phone calls, emails and social media.

There was discussion of the number or percentage required for quorum, acknowledging the difficulty in establishing the exact number of members despite on-going time spent attempting to contact members, identify those who had left the area or the co-op.  Jan and Abi reported the participation of 25 members in person and 6 through proxy votes.  Joyce moved, and Kevin Campbell seconded that 15 persons or 5% of the Membership constitute quorum.  Passed.

Kevin moved and Joyce seconded that the combination of members present and proxies provided in advance constituted quorum.  Passed.

14.25  Vanessa Hammond called the 2020 Annual General Meeting to order and presented the Agenda, seconded by Kelsey Meagher.

The acceptance of Reports as circulated, eliminating the need for oral presentation, was moved by Joyce, seconded by Graham.  Passed.

Acceptance of the Minutes of the February 23rd 2019 Annual General Meeting, as circulated in March and September, was moved by Joyce, seconded by Graham.  Passed.

14.30 We moved to reviewing our progress in 2019.

Dylan presented the Financial Report and moved acceptance.  It was seconded by Trudy Berg.  Passed.

There being no anomalies in the Financial Report, the request to waive the need for an auditor’s report was moved by Karen Skowron, seconded by Trudy.  Passed.

Vanessa summarized our work in 2019 focusing on the monthly Members “by donation” Wellness Clinics, strengthening the finances and making progress on our Nurse Practitioner plans, and reminded participants to visit the displays presented by community partners.  She moved acceptance of the report, seconded by Kelsey, passed.

Our Guest.  We welcomed Nadia Hamdon, who represented our MP Laura Collins and gave encouraging remarks about the effectiveness of our work, the appropriateness of the co-operative approach to health and wellness, the NDP’s work for universal Pharmacare, eye-care and mental health resources.  She invited us to visit the 1057 Fort St office.  We thanked Nadia for her kind words.

15.00  Lyn reminded us to take a few minutes to relax, enjoy the snacks prepared by Joyce and Michael, to complete the survey and contribute to the “Our Gift” fund-raiser in the hope of receiving one of these beautiful prints donated by Chris Paul and Krista Stogryn.

15.15  Looking ahead.

Howard and Vanessa commented on plans to continue and enhance our work:

  • Reinstate and expand our Wellness Education programs independently and in partnership with Fort Royal Pharmacies, Hibou, Learning the Ropes, etc.
  • Continue our Monthly Members Only Wellness Clinics
  • Continue to build the Nurse Practitioner / MOA program
  • Establish an inter-practice wellness program

We ask all Member-Owners to contribute actively to this work.

Kevin C and Jan described our work to expand our funding base, including investigating Charity Works, and for Member-Owners to cover the daily costs.   Our membership fee will remain at $50.  In keeping with the motion at the 2019 AGM we will institute an annual fee.  In both cases, if the fee would be an obstacle, volunteer work can be substituted.  We noted that every Member-Owner should contribute to the regular and occasional tasks of the Co-operative.  Moved by Graham, seconded by Trudy, that the Annual fee for 2020 shall be $35.  Passed.

Kemal described out need for additional Board members, and asked for every Member-Owner to contribute to the work from time to time.

15.30  Graham and John invited applicants for the Board to speak briefly. 

15.35  Kevin Doyle explained the advantages of Francis’ Rules of Order.  Adoption of these Rules was moved by Carolyn Hammond, seconded by Wendy McDonald.  Approved.

Young Participants.  We were delighted by the presence of three young participants:  Luca, whose smiles were a gift to all, and John’s two sons who ensured that the winners of the copies of “Our Gift” prints were selected without bias.  Once again, we thank artist Chris Paul and partner Krista Stogryn, for their generous support of the Co-op.

John informed the meeting about the role of the Creating Community Wellness Society, emphasized the need for additional Members-At-Large and the importance of supporting this Society.  Joyce described the CCWS’s HEART program.

Fort Royal Pharmacies, Hibou, Beth Campbell-Duke, Ryan Painter, and all partner organizations were invited to speak.  Every participant received a delightful gift from Fort Royal Pharmacies, we thank this new partner for this generosity and for the discount available to all VHC members on Over-The-Counter items (not prescriptions) at all three branches.

15.45 Graham announced that, there being 9 candidates for the Board of Directors, the maximum allowed under our constitution, the slate was acclaimed – Abi Michel, Amanda Shang, Graham Smith, Jan Uhlar, Kemal Evci, Kevin Campbell, Peter Batory-Bernardin, Selina Pieczonka, Vanessa Hammond.

He reminded us that each one of us is responsible for tidy up, and thanked the Cook St Village Activity Centre, Centennial United Church, Sprott Shaw College, Fort Royal Pharmacies, Charity Works, Coastal Community Credit Union, Vancity Credit Union, all who had participated and especially those who had prepared and led in the AGM.

15.55 Vanessa moved the adjournment of the 2020 Annual General Meeting. 

We succeed in leaving the room tidy.  Thanks to all.

These Minutes will be submitted for approval at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.