Looking Back and Moving Forward – February 2020

The past year has been full of opportunity and challenges, ending with satisfying achievements and new possibilities.  This has been achieved through the work of the Co-op’s Member-Owners, outstanding partners and the encouragement of the Creating Community Wellness Society.   Many volunteers have worked to ensure that co-op membership applications are processed, potential patients are added […]

We Need Your Ideas and Opinions – November 2019

This month, we will give you our usual updates but we want, and need, your opinions. Please read on!   Nurse Practitioner:  We can take about 50 more names for the “I want to be on the potential NP patient list” but would advise you to contact us soon, either by email or through the website, […]

Creating HEART

We are excited to share our latest project in development with Volunteer Victoria and Service Canada and, of course, the Creating Community Wellness Society: About the HEART Project Volunteer Victoria undertook extensive research on the important role of volunteers in our community.   Based on this research, we have identified two topics needing further investigation. With […]

Program Update – Fall 2019

We are enthusiastically looking forward to our Fall and Winter programs! Many of you participated in last years Co-op Café series and we are excited to announce we are hosting this series again. This year, we will have a strong emphasis on visiting co-ops throughout the city and connecting with co-op members to support their […]

Help Wanted – Summer 2019

If you have been following the updates we share in each issue of the James Bay Beacon, you probably know that we, the Victoria Health Co-op, have funding for a part-time Nurse Practitioner (NP). The NP will provide services 2 days per week at the Cook St Village Activity Centre, and additionally at Our Place […]

Year-End Wrap Up – December 2019

Our Thanks to the Community  We, the Board, member-owners, volunteers, practitioners and all who participate in the work of the Victoria Health Co-op want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who makes our work possible.  Of course this means we are thanking you, the residents of James Bay and elsewhere in Victoria, and […]