Our Thanks to the Community 

We, the Board, member-owners, volunteers, practitioners and all who participate in the work of the Victoria Health Co-op want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who makes our work possible.  Of course this means we are thanking you, the residents of James Bay and elsewhere in Victoria, and we are thanking each other.  Thanks also from the Creating Community Wellness Society (CCWS) which, as a registered charitable organization (CRA 833835457 RR0001), can issue charitable donation receipts to our generous donors.

We are thankful for our community’s tradition of generosity, and in particular, financial support for our programs. As you know, we are working to bring a Nurse Practitioner (NP)  to our community. Do you have questions about NPs? You can find the full Scope of Practice on our website or just give me a call.  Their professional association (visit www.bccnp.ca for more information) states “NPs are registered nurses with experience and advanced nursing education at the master’s level. NPs autonomously diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses. As advanced practice nurses, nurse practitioners:

So far we have raised enough funds to offer a one-year contract, have been offered space, etc but this is not enough to secure a full-time Nurse Practitioner. We need to recognize that there are many more jobs than NPs.  We have been advised that we need to offer at least two years of employment and, given the cost of housing in the area, we also want to offer a cost of living allowance.  Can you help?  If the members of the Victoria Health Co-op, all who have asked to be on the ‘I want an NP’ list – and anyone in the community who is concerned about the lack of primary health care services – would make a monthly commitment, we could offer a salary that would be competitive.  The simplest way to do this is through a monthly donation from your financial institution to our Creating Community Wellness Society (CCWS) account at Vancity.  Everything helps! We will be happy to provide charitable donation receipts for financial contributions, which you can include in your 2020 tax return for all gifts received by December 31st, 2019.  

You may be wondering why you should have to contribute to a primary health service. Let me state that there is no “should” – there will be no fee to see the NP and membership in the VHC is not a requirement either. However, think how generously you and others contribute to the hospital foundation, hospice, the Red Cross, the Cancer Society and many others.  Our request is that you add the VHC (through the CCWS in order to receive a charitable donation receipt) to your existing generosity.

But financial gifts are only half the story of generosity in Victoria.  Every action taken by the Victoria Health Co-op and the CCWS is the result of volunteer effort.  This includes the Monthly Members only Wellness Clinics, the other wellness and health education work of the Co-op, the fundraising for the NP, and the day-to-day running of the Co-op and CCWS.  Can you offer any of these volunteer skills: phoning members 2 – 3 hours a month, fundraising, offering services as relief accountant or treasurer, making snacks for meetings, tame the paper piles in my home office, join the Board, post to our social media,  or to phone some of the retiring medical practitioners to ask if they would donate exam room furniture and equipment or sponsor the purchase of disposables such as paper for the exam tables, cotton swabs, exam gloves? We are in need of all of these items before our NP can begin working.

And, speaking of volunteers, you will see a new logo, the HEART, in our ad this month.  “HEART” stands for “Healthy, Engaged, Active, Reliable, Trained” volunteers – all of which seems to be strong characteristics of our community.  With the encouragement of Volunteer Victoria and Service Canada, we are researching the role of ‘young at heart’ volunteers in our community.  May we meet to ask about how your volunteering has evolved over the years?  if you’re interested in participating by sharing your stories of volunteerism, please email wellnesscharity@gmail.com with ‘HEART’ in the subject line.

Lastly, we have new programs and other initiatives in the works.  Come to any board meeting for more information:

Upcoming events – please mark your calendars now!

VHC and CCWS Board meetings 6 – 8pm Tues Dec 10th Wild Coffee. (632 Yates)

Upcoming meetings (locations to be confirmed):  Jan 14th and Feb 11th

Vic Health Co-op Annual General Meeting 2 – 4pm Sunday Jan 19th First Met United Church, Room 200, 932 Balmoral.  To vote you must be a member before the AGM. We need all member owners there to make decisions and guide the Board.  

More questions?  Great!  Keep asking!  But mainly, THANK YOU, for your generosity as financial supporters and volunteers for this community resource.  We could not function without you.

Vanessa, Chair, Victoria Health Co-op

250 415 9272 vichealthcoop@gmail.com


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