Updates & Feedback Survey!

The Victoria Health Co-op is delighted to provide the following updates about how we are adapting our work to better serve the Victoria community:

As you know, we had to cease our monthly hands-on Wellness Clinics where we offered accessible, by-donation wellness services to our member-owners. With the generous help and support of the Canadian Red Cross, we are now celebrating six months of No-Touch Wellbeing Sessions over Zoom. The Wellbeing Sessions aim to connect our community and introduce new ideas. Participants share 3-minute presentations, followed by group discussion and good conversation. Presentation topics so far have included:

  • How to Navigate the BC Healthcare System
  • Breathing, Mindfulness, and Meditation
  • The Sunshine Coast Alliance for Seniors’ Care Co-op
  • Connecting with the Land
  • Alternatives to the Fee-for-Service Model
  • Brain Injury Support Services
  • and so much more! 

Many thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Our next No-Touch Wellbeing events are taking place on October 13th at 7pm and October 18th at 1pm. Please find information about our upcoming Wellbeing Session here.

Moving forward, we are planning to slowly transition to in-person Wellbeing Sessions. While adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations, these sessions will serve as more in-depth community health workshops. 

In partnership with Fort Royal Pharmacy, we are planning an influenza vaccine clinic. Updates to come! In the meantime, please use the Flu Shot Sign-Up Form if you would like to get your flu shot at the Cook Street Village Activity Centre. 

We are working to provide both the Cook Street Village Activity Centre and The Salvation Army Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre with on-site medical care and PPE. For this project, we continue to seek out community-minded Registered Nurses who are looking for part-time employment. 

We are hopeful about these upcoming projects and about how the expansion of our work can better serve our community. That being said, YOU are the expert in what your community needs so please fill out our Feedback Survey. We value your perspective as Member-Owners and community members!

Most importantly, we extend our gratitude to all who have and continue to support the work of the Victoria Health Co-operative. Thank you for your time and commitment to our community. 


We are grateful for the support of these projects from the Canadian Red Cross.