The Victoria Health Co-op and Creating Community Wellness Society boards are delighted and grateful for the creativity and competence of our members in continuing to provide services even when meetings would create a health risk. 

Updates:  We are making excellent progress towards providing a full range of services in our new location on Cook St.  You can help! We still need letters of support, please call or email for details. This is important for our ongoing fund-raising.  And of course we always welcome volunteers and donations, whether one-time or a pre-authorized regular amount through your credit union or bank.

We invite you to our new Wellbeing Sundays program.  Please note the change of our original date, to 1pm-3pm on Sunday April 19.  Because this is an introductory session, we can happily meet by Zoom on our laptops, tablets, phones.  During our Zoom video conference meeting we will introduce several new programs designed to support each one of us as we experience new challenges and continue to make the best of each day.  Beth will help us to understand how to navigate the BC Health system. We will learn about the special services Fort Royal Pharmacy offers to members of the Victoria Health Co-op. Wellbeing leader Kelsey will describe Thai Stream Massage as a route to wellbeing, and Peter will describe how “Falling in Love with Life again” helps us to make each day as healthy and happy as possible. Please visit our Facebook and website for more details. 

Lastly, we invite you to participate in the Annual General Meeting of the Creating Community Wellness Society, again by Zoom video conference call. This will be held at 5:30pm on Thursday April 23.  Join in the discussion to learn about new and on-going programs and to share your ideas about supporting our community and fundraising for programs. Also find out how you can help our organization throughout the year, and perhaps from the comfort of your home from a computer, especially important as we work in relative isolation.

Please contact us with any ideas, any questions about the steps we are taking to keep providing services at the same time as staying healthy and not risking any actions that might cause harm to others or ourselves during this time. 

Yours co-operatively,  Vanessa Hammond  250.415.9272.

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