We are excited to share our latest project in development with Volunteer Victoria and Service Canada and, of course, the Creating Community Wellness Society:

About the HEART Project

Volunteer Victoria undertook extensive research on the important role of volunteers in our community.   Based on this research, we have identified two topics needing further investigation. With your help, we will seek to understand:

Why do these questions matter? As volunteers we want to continue to contribute in our communities, and do it well. Our research through the Creating HEART program and your responses will contribute to understanding how to achieve satisfaction and effectiveness in programs and tasks for young-at-heart volunteers.

Get Involved  

Volunteering is a way of life, a pillar of strength for many organizations.   We want to hear from you.  Between October 21, 2019 and January 31, 2020, we will meet with volunteers to learn about rewarding, satisfying, challenging and joyful experiences of volunteering through the decades, both informally and within organizations.  We welcome your stories, your comments and guidance.  We are also meeting with community organizations in the health, activities, culture and faith sectors to understand how they recruit, train, support and retain volunteers through the years, what challenges they face, and how they overcome them.

 You can contact us by email at wellnesscharity@gmail.com or by phone or text to Vanessa 250.415.9272, or text to Joyce at 778.678.9878

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