Two part time Registered Nurses (RNs) – Victoria, BC

RN Job Posting (Click to view and please share widely!)

The Victoria Health Co-op is seeking two part-time RNs to work in community settings.  The focus of these positions will be on education about avoiding and managing the risks of COVID-19 and other infections as an individual and within the community.  We anticipate some hands-on tasks such as changing dressings, treating and dressing very minor injuries or sores.  We anticipate that both positions will be part-time with each RN working in one facility.  One will focus on a men’s residence, the other on a community organization with many senior members.


Part-time or Full-time Nurse-Practitioner (NPs) – Victoria, BC

NP Job Posting (Click to view and please share widely!)

Are you an experienced Nurse Practitioner? We are in progress with securing clinic space to support a full-time or 2 part-time NPs. Apply to join our team! 

Our aim is to build a team, fitting in with YOUR full- or part-time schedule, and to meet the on-going needs of between 450-800 residents, from infants to seniors, who have on-going or episodic need for care.


Adapting to COVID-19 and beyond

No-Touch Wellbeing sessions

Twice monthly we hold Zoom meetings with 3 to 5 presentations by members and friends of the Vic Health Co-op and the Wellness Society describing some aspect of their lives that gives them happiness.  These have included art, focus on internal joy, volunteering, work, learning …..  No Charge, and open to all, not only VHC members.


In person No-Touch Wellbeing sessions


In September we plan to get back to our pre-COVID plan of hosting monthly in-person sessions.  These will serve VHC and Cook Street Activity Centre members who prefer this format to Zoom, and will enable us to demonstrate some of the simple exercises and wellness techniques that were not easy on Zoom.  We will hope for donations to cover the room rental each month.


Infection Prevention sessions


We are planning to offer group and individual sessions on how to stay infection free into the future, and how to avoid accidentally passing an infection to others.  This will be useful related to COVID-19 and the coming ‘flu season. 

Patient Roster – Waiting List

If you’d like to have your name added to the Nurse Practitioner waiting list, please let us know via our Contact page. You do NOT need to be a member of the Victoria Health Cooperative to be a patient.


We are actively fundraising for our ‘Nurse Practitioner Project’

This project will employ a full-time Nurse Practitioner and Medical Office Assistant providing Primary Healthcare for up to 800 Greater Victoria residents. We are currently hiring a full or part-time Nurse Practitioner (click to view current posting)

Please make a donation to ensure that this project will continue for the long-term. We are fundraising for day-to-day clinic supplies and sourcing medical examination equipment. Every contribution counts!

The funds are being managed by the Creating Community Wellness Society, and donations are tax deductible.


Ways To Help:

  1. Fundraise. Give us YOUR ideas for how you can help us to raise funds.  Please email or call VHC Chair, Vanessa Hammond vichealthcoop@gmail.com 250.415.9272.  She needs all available brains and hands!
  2. Donate. The pressure on medical services will be even greater in future with all the people who have not been able to get attention for on-going problems, regular check-ups.  Help us to get all the furniture, equipment and supplies we need to open the doors. All donations are most welcome and we are happy to provide a Charitable Donation Receipt. Fill out the form below to make a donation now to Creating Community Wellness Society.

Need More Details?

Review our resources and one-page ‘Backgrounders’:

Other Ways to Help:

  • Share this page to your own Social Media Networks: copy/paste https://VictoriaHealthCooperative.com/np-project
  • Download the YYJ NP Project Poster and hang it up in prominent places