We are enthusiastically looking forward to our Fall and Winter programs! Many of you participated in last years Co-op Café series and we are excited to announce we are hosting this series again. This year, we will have a strong emphasis on visiting co-ops throughout the city and connecting with co-op members to support their and the positive impact of co-operatives in our city. If you are interested in or involved in co-ops or societies, our Co-op Café series will kick off with a speaker from the BC Ministry of Citizen Services, Registry Office on the proposed changes to the BC regulations. We will be hosting this event at Cook St Activity Centre on October 30th at 7pm.

Nurse Practitioner Project and Health and Wellness Programs

You know that we have secured funding for a Nurse Practitioner (NP) to deliver Primary Health Care in Victoria, as well as funding for a Medical Office Assistant to support them by handling exam bookings, referrals, preparing exam rooms, etc. We are excited to share more good news, as we are now discussing how we can work together with another new Nurse Practitioner practice to ensure locum coverage for the NPs of both organizations, and to provide the collegial support so much appreciated by medical and health practitioners. NPs will provide services at the Cook St Village Activity Centre, Centennial United Church and one other location – to be announced!

We are continuing to advertise for a Nurse Practitioner to join our team and we can still accept another 100 patients on our “I want an NP” list. Let us know if you would like us to add your name – please email vichealthcoop@gmail.com. If you know of a group that would like a presentation about our project and the scope of practice of Nurse Practitioners, or are interested in learning what you can do to make this happen sooner, rather than later, please contact us.

Nurse Practitioners are wonderful! They are able to provide Primary Health Care for a wide range of patients, from infants to seniors. Going beyond my personal delight, I am happy to explain the benefits of NPs as a primary health care providers: NPs are registered nurses with experience and advanced nursing education at the master’s level. NPs autonomously diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses. Nurses are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan and although we are always happy when people join the Victoria Health Co-op, membership of the Co-op is not a condition of eligibility for the NP services. 

Visit this website for detailed information about the work of Nurse Practitioners: www.bccnp.ca/Standards/RN_NP/StandardResources/NP_ScopeofPractice.pdf

In other news, we are talking with several highly qualified health and wellness practitioners who will specialize in working at the Cook St Village Activity Centre, adding to the group of practitioners already there. One of our hopes is to offer help to patients whose complex challenges indicate the need for treatment by a range of practitioners who will consult with the patient and each other about a multi-disciplinary approach.  If you are curious about this group, as either a patient or practitioner, please contact us for more information.

Co-operative Opportunities

Democracy matters.  We know that residents in the CRD are highly motivated to vote at all levels of government.  But you can also exercise your democratic rights in the market-place. Choose to support, purchase or earn from organizations that live by democratic principles, as outlined at www.ica.coop or come to any event organized by the Victoria Health Co-op.  Yes, having a say in our day-to-lives is the motivation for many of us who are involved with co-ops.  Find out more about our programs and co-operatives in general by visiting our website: victoriahealthcooperative.com or email vichealthcoop@gmail.com or call Vanessa Hammond at 240.415.9272.

Vanessa Hammond, Chair

Victoria Health Co-operative

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