At the Victoria Health Co-op we have, from the start, worked at trying to achieve wellness.  It has been a challenge but we want to let you know about the progress we are making, and ask for your advice. Please help us to move our ahead on our plans and activities by sharing your thoughts with us on the following topics. Email us at or call Vanessa Hammond, at 250.415.927

  1.  Would you like to be on the list of potential patients for the Nurse Practitioner?

  2.  Would you like to come to an explanation of the Scope of Practice of a Nurse Practitioner at CSVAC or CUC?  You can get a good start at

  3.  Would you like to receive treatments from a range of Wellness Practitioners at the CSVAC?  Which of these, and which of our other many practitioners could be of interest? Osteopathy, therapeutic meals, Trager® bodywork, Alexander Technique, Cranio Sacral treatment.  Would you like to come to an information session regarding the services of our Wellness Practitioners? We hope to have a full list on our website in the near future.

  4.  We urgently need to raise funds to purchase furniture and equipment for the Exam Rooms and Wellness Treatment Rooms.  You can receive a charitable donation receipt for gifts to the Creating Community Wellness Society. How can we encourage people to donate?  Would you help us with fundraising?

  5.  Would you like to know more about having complete access to your health record (medical record AND wellness action plan) and about developing your long-term wellness circle plan through the Victoria Health Co-op

Thank you for your participation – we hope the Co-op and our programs will support you at any stage in your wellness journey.


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