"No Touch" Wellbeing Sessions


Upcoming virtual events – join us by phone, laptop or tablet!

A Wellness Perspective on Chronic Disease, Part 1  
TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2021 – 7-8PM


with Heather Quayle, RN &
Nicole Callow, RN

A Wellness Perspective on Chronic Disease, Part 2  

SUNDAY, MAY 23 – 1-2pm


with Heather Quayle, RN &
Nicole Callow, RN


How To Really Hear The Music

TUESDAY, MAY 25, 2021 – 7-8PM 


with Felix Rowe

ABOUT THE SESSIONS: The VHC invites you to explore new wellness practices, modalities, and communities that aim to improve our wellbeing holistically and through group education – virtually!

Meet Co-op Members and friends of the VHC who will share brief introductions to useful information on a range of health and wellness topics and practices and will be available for questions and general discussion.


Click the links below to view select presentation materials:

● Meditation and Retreats
Seasonal Affective Disorder
● The Joy of Kayaking
Gardening for Mental Health
● Maintaining an Exercise Routine
● The Emotional Feedback Mechanism
Finding Happiness and Wellbeing through Special Olympics
● Concepts of Beauty
The Human Immunity Series: Lifestyle/Emotional/Physical Strategies to Help Keep us Strong
– The Marvelous Human Immune system
– The Interconnection of our Emotions and the Immune System

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in Winter
● Cycling Year-Round in Victoria
● GBLTQ2S Workshop

Leaky Gut and Holistic Healing
● Brain Injury Support Services
The Joy of Eating
● Lifestyle: The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation
Guide: Advance Care Plan
● The Benefits of Animal Companionship
● What is a Health Co-op?
● Youth and Trauma
● Good Sleep: Sleep Hygiene & Breathing Techniques


Contact us at vichealthcoop@gmail.com to ask a question, book a presentation slot, or request a topic!