Addressing a community wellness need – for many years healthcare professionals and policy makers have known that we need an Integrated Health and Wellness approach, not merely medical services.  We need to knock down the silos to let the full range of community members and professionals stretch their knowledge and work together. This is the path to reaching as many individuals and communities as possible, affordably and effectively.

Hans Kai™ was developed in Japan, and brought to Canada by Nor’West Co-op in Winnipeg.  Through this program we work with groups of about 8-40 community members interested in making lifestyle changes, equipping them with the skills to take an active role in enhancing and managing their own health and wellness. Hans Kai™ includes proper eating, active socializing, better mental health and stress management.  Components can be added to meet the needs of specific groups such as young families, seniors or GBLT participants, Hans Kai™ groups meet as often as they like, where they like, for as long as they like.  And the healthcare or wellness professionals’ role?  For most groups, this is a weekly investment of one hour per week for each of nine start-up weeks. Non-medical professionals and trainers facilitate and support as needed.  The medical professional time commitment is low, the community engagement is high, and the participants become healthier people.  (see Hans Kai™ attachments at the bottom of this page)

Hans Kai™ training will be available in Kelowna in April, and then in Duncan in June.  Check under Events for details.

Additional Hans Kai™ programs are under discussion or in development. We would welcome your help in developing programs for people with neurological challenges and for families with children 3 – 5 years old.


Hans Kai™ Introduction: Addressing a Community Wellness Need

Hans Kai™ for Adults

Hans Kai™ for Teens or Youth

Hans Kai™ Updates for Specialized Groups