Wellness Programs

Our programs focus on the health and wellness of our community and Co-op member-owners. We provide programs by and for our member-practitioners and all members of the Co-op.

The Co-op also works to develop community programs that aim to care and educate for individuals and groups. Some programs are for Co-op member-owners only and offer significant discounts to member-owner.

Learn more about our services below and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in offering your services.

"No Touch" Wellbeing Sessions

We welcome you to join us for an educational and social Zoom video call.
Several Co-op members, friends of the VHC, and professional colleagues will introduce their practitioner and/or wellness services they offer, or share about their experiences and expertise.
Do you have a program or concept you would like to introduce? Email vichealthcoop@gmail.com to participate.

Health Access Fund

Practitioners can access this fund so that they can receive normal payment for their services if a Co-op member needs, but cannot afford, the full fee for a series of treatments.

This fund is managed by the Creating Community Wellness Society (CCWS), also known as the Wellness Charity. For more information, email wellnesscharity@gmail.com.

Practitioner Professional Development Group

With support from the Wellness Charity, member-practitioners meet to enhance their skills, understand each others specialties, and identify situations in which patients/clients could benefit from the services of several practitioners. For prospective Co-op member-practitioners, email vichealthcoop@gmail.com for more details.

Wellness Education

Our aim is to support our member-owners in understanding and adopting healthy behaviours for optimal wellness through a range of programs primarily offered by practitioners and community educators.

We work with community partners to offer new and recurring programs that can be tailored for a very specific or wide range of individuals and groups. If your organization would like to host a short-course, workshop or long-term program, please get in touch with our team at vichealthcoop@gmail.com to discuss.

Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

This enjoyable, relaxed wellness program focuses on making good choices about food, entertainment, activity, etc even when on a tight budget.

Hans Kai™
(Group Learning)

A 9 session course, 1-2 hours per session designed specifically for adults, seniors, and youth groups. With the support of a facilitator, groups will learn about wellness and how to monitor health indicators while enjoying healthy snacks, group socializing, and physical activity during each session. 

Navigating Canada's Health System

Navigation Canada’s healthcare systems can be frustrating and confusing. It’s NOT you. Learn more about the complexities with Beth Campbell-Duke and find the support you need.

Facilitation + Group Coaching

With the support of the Wellness Charity, one or more practitioners or coaches and participants work together to build understanding and new skills. Topics are based on interest, need and commitment from participants. We are able to fully customize this offering for your group.