Our Services

Community Nursing Services

Clinic is currently suspended

Health & Wellness Education

Our aim is to support our member-owners in understanding and adopting healthy behaviours for optimal wellness through a range of programs primarily offered by practitioners and community educators.

We work with community partners to offer new and recurring programs that can be tailored for a very specific or wide range of individuals and groups. If your organization would like to host a short-course, workshop or long-term program, please get in touch with our team at info@victoriahealthcooperative.com to discuss.

Community Outreach

Focusing on the social determinants of health, we advocate for solutions to community health challenges, inequities, and disparities.

Over the past 13 years, we have formed partnerships with organizations working to bring about positive change in community health. We collaborate with local, provincial, and national non-profit organizations, committees, and groups to identify and develop opportunities that contribute to community health and wellbeing.

Projects in Development (2022): 

The following initiatives have been supported by the VCHC and colleague organizations in the past: