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Clicking the “Donate” button will allow you to donate online to the Creating Community Wellness Society, a Registered Charity (CRA 83383 5457 RR0001) and VHC’s partner organization. An official donation tax receipt will be issued for donations addressed to Creating Community Wellness Society. Donations can also be mailed or left c/o Victoria Health Co-op, 380 Cook St, Victoria, BC V8V 3X7. 

To better support our partner organization, please become a Member-at-Large by completing this Application Form and sending it to – it’s as simple as that! Your support as a community member is greatly appreciated. 

Taking care of each other amid COVID-19... When you can't hug, just share a

Explore these online resources to learn more about the novel coronavirus. Please share this information with your community:

About the COVID-19 VirusHow You Can Help Others    Support for BC Residents What is Social Distancing?

Join us for the inaugural Wellbeing Sunday event - virtually!

This will be the first event in a new series, a concept introduced by the “Wellbeing Sunday” team: Kelsey, Abi, Pete and Vanessa. 

We are very grateful to our Co-op members, listed below, who will share useful information on a range of health and wellness topics and practices:

·        Beth Campbell Duke will introduce her program, Learning the Ropes, an expert explanation of how to navigate the complex BC Healthcare System.

·        We will learn about Fort Royal Pharmacy’s wide range of services for Victoria Health Co-op members.

·        Kelsey Meagher will tell us about Thai massage and how we can benefit from its principles – even without his healing hands.

·        Catherine Bryant will speak on how you can benefit from ‘osteopathy at a distance’.

·        Kayla will share information on ‘How a Nurse Practitioner team serves the community’

·        Pete will discuss a new wellness offering and how he can help by ‘Falling in Love with Life Again’.

·        Vanessa Hammond will provide an update on how the Co-op is making progress and adapting to the times of COVID-19.

Sign-up information will be available as of April 12 here and via email newsletter. Come back here soon for details of how to join the meeting via Zoom video conferencing.

In the meantime, let us know if YOU have a topic for the next event in May (date TBD).

About the Co-op

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

The Victoria Health Co-operative (VHC) is a group of individuals, passionate about well-being for ourselves and our community. We include and welcome, as member-owners, all who are dedicated to their own health and the health of their families, friends and community.

We organize and support wellness programs for members and the wider community to empower and support individuals and groups to adopt healthy lifestyle practices and move towards well-being.

Learn more about our mission and values as a community co-operative – get to know your Co-op and our Board of Directors!

Nurse Practitioner Project

We are actively fundraising to support a Nurse Practitioner and community clinic space

Are you an experienced Nurse Practitioner? Apply to join our team! Our Nurse Practitioner(s) will be supported by an MOA and a hard-working Healthcare Team.

We feel that, despite the COVID-19 crisis, we are very close to being able to start furnishing and equipping our Cook St clinic locationOur aim is to build a team, fitting in with YOUR full- or part-time schedule, and to meet the on-going needs of between 450-800 residents, from infants to seniors, who have on-going or episodic need for care. Learn more about our unique project! 

Please make a donation to ensure that this project will continue for the long-term. We are fundraising for day-to-day clinic supplies and sourcing medical examination equipment. Every contribution counts!

Updates + Announcements

Creating HEART

We are excited to share our latest program in development with Volunteer Victoria and Service Canada and, of course, the Creating Community Wellness Society: About

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We would like to acknowledge the traditional, unceded Land of the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations, the Lkwungen speaking people. The Board and Members of The Victoria Health Co-operative extend our appreciation for the opportunity to live and learn on their Land.