We are delighted to share more good news.  We have moved into our bright, larger space – Suite 200, 1075 Pendergast at Cook St, above the Starbucks.  We have more space: 6 exam/treatment/counselling rooms; secure records storage, space for a small lab which we will develop as soon as we have funds and will then be able to store vaccines; a comfortable reception area; two offices and a Board Room which will be ideal for our Well-Being sessions and community meetings.  

We have welcomed additional Community Nurses, now a total of four, all with extensive experience and outstanding commitment to the well-being of our community, and still have space for one more nurse.  If you know a Community Nurse who might join us, please let us know.  A certified clinical counsellor with particular interest in the mental health and self-confidence of young adults will join us full-time in September.  Several other wellness practitioners have enquired about filling the roster in our other rooms.  

Possibly the best news of all is that we will now be able to re-start our in-person well-being sessions in mid to late September.  Initially we will limit these to 10 participants and will require the use of masks.  We so want to protect everyone, whether presenters or eager learners.  Our early line-up includes “Favourite all-weather walks around Cook St and Beacon Hill”, “Why do I like all the wrong foods?”, “Blood pressure Q & A”, “All round well-being”, “WHO Cares – Why the World Health Organization cares about our happiness”, “What is a Health Co-op?”.   What topic would you like to present?  What discussion would you like to lead, or share?

We plan to start with one well-being session per month but now have the space to be able to host more frequent discussions.  Just let us know your priorities about topics and your preferred day and time.

To contact us about making an appointment to discuss your health with one of our Community Nurses or our Clinical Counsellor, please email vichealthcoopRN@gmail.com or call 250-857-3572 8.00 – 16.00 weekdays.  For enquiries about co-ops in general or health co-ops in particular, please email vichealthcoop@gmail.com or call Vanessa at 250.415.9272.

Please note: we will host our Open House and Special General Meeting 10:30am to noon on October 22 at our new location Suite 200, 1075 Pendergast Street at Cook.  The entrance is between Starbucks and La Taverna.  The purpose of the Meeting is to provide an update on our new location and services and to elect new Board members to replace those who have moved away.  We will also be looking for additional members for several committees.  Please think about how you might guide or serve our co-op.  RSVP by October 15.  Health and wellness matter!