A Time of Challenge, Progress and Gratitude – July/August 2020

We are so fortunate to be living here in BC, with outstanding government and health sector leadership.  But also because you, our friends and neighbours, are being considerate and careful about social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks – all so important and effective in keeping us safe.  Thank you all. At the Victoria Health […]

Adapting to the Present and Anticipating the “New Normal” – June 2020

… For members and friends of the Victoria Health Co-op community We are so very fortunate to live in Canada, in British Columbia, and on this lovely island.  Maybe even more so because we have political leaders who are motivated by caring for us, ordinary British Columbians.  We can also be extraordinarily grateful for the […]

Looking Ahead in a Changed World – May 2020

If you are as old as I am, you may remember some of the differences between what our parents expected as “normal” and the realities of the second half of the last century.  Yes, we could make a long list of things that have not been great for many, many in the world. But the […]

Good News in a Time of Challenge – April 2020

The Victoria Health Co-op and Creating Community Wellness Society boards are delighted and grateful for the creativity and competence of our members in continuing to provide services even when meetings would create a health risk.  Updates:  We are making excellent progress towards providing a full range of services in our new location on Cook St.  […]

Share Your Voice

At the Victoria Health Co-op we have, from the start, worked at trying to achieve wellness.  It has been a challenge but we want to let you know about the progress we are making, and ask for your advice. Please help us to move our ahead on our plans and activities by sharing your thoughts […]

Nurse Practitioner Project and Upcoming Events – May 2019

On Topic: Your Wellness Which would you prefer –  to have the best possible physical, mental, emotional and social wellness you can, or wait until you find yourself focusing on illness and injury?  At the Victoria Health Co-op we have, from the start, worked at trying to achieve wellness.  It has been a challenge but […]

Post-AGM Updates & Volunteer Support – March 2019

On Topic: Next Steps We thank you for joining us at our 2019 Annual General Meeting last month, on February 23. It is always a pleasure to gather together to celebrate the contribution of not-for-profits, societies, co-ops and those who volunteer their time each year. We are fortunate to live in a country rich in […]