A big THANK YOU to our volunteers!

Did you know that a group of volunteers from the Health Co-op and the CSVAC have been cleaning and painting the new common areas of the Health and Wellness Wing – which is located directly behind the auditorium in the CSVAC?

We are working energetically to make the space practical and welcoming. We have invited practitioners to choose the paint colour for each of the rooms (to replace the yellow that is currently in every room) – we are very excited to see it all come together!

When we have finished painting the 10 treatment rooms, kitchen, workshop, reception and fundraising areas, we will install new flooring. The more, the merrier – please get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

How can you support the renovation?

We are still working to raise funds to ensure that our treatment rooms and common areas are appropriately furnished and equipped. ALL donations are warmly welcomed.

Any donations made through the Creating Community Wellness Society generate a charitable donation receipt. Visit the donate page HERE, the CCWS Canada Helps page, or visit https://wellnesscharity.ca to make a donation.

Click here to learn more about the wing in the October 2021 Capital Daily article

How else can I help?

  • Volunteer to paint, clean and organize! Contact Vanessa Hammond at vichealthcoop@gmail.com or 250-415-9272 if you are available to help!
  • Watch the display opposite the CSVAC reception area for updates on our move into Unit 2, and stop in to say “hello” once we are open (currently aiming for late January 2022!)
  • Renew your Victoria Community Health Co-op (VCHC) membership ($35/year) or join if you are not already a member ($50)
  • Donate to the VCHC or our sister charity, the Creating Community Wellness Society (if donating through the CCWS, please mark your cheque or envelope “for VCHC”)

We are SO happy to be moving into the Health and Wellness Wing and have permanent exam rooms and meeting space!

Have questions or interested in viewing a list of our costs of renovation plus new equipment and furniture – just ask!  Contact Vanessa at vichealthcoop@gmail.com or 250-415-9272.

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